Welcome to my little corner of the web 🙂
My name is Angela Mondor, and in addition to being a witch, I am also a mother to four amazing kids, wife to a great guy, and miniature zookeeper 😉

I have been a practicing witch since 1999, and started studying Tarot, palmistry and astrology while I was still in junior high.

I have always had an interest in mythology and other religions, and was introduced to Wicca a couple months after I graduated high school. I have been actively practicing ever since, and am currently pursuing a degree in ministry through Woolsen Steen Theological Seminary.

From 2004-2007, I helped run a new age gift shop called The Purple Moon, in Webster, MA, where I started reading Tarot professionally. I really fell in love with helping people with that medium, and the versatility that it offers.

At The Cottage Witch Shoppe, I am here to help you 🙂

Natal, or birth, charts provide an opportunity to see clearly where your strengths are, and what challenges you may need to meet.

Those who are just starting out with learning about earth based spirituality can take my Introduction to Wicca e-course, that provides
an in-depth look into the history and practice of the religion.

There are also e-courses and workshops available in a variety of topics, and can be purchased a la carte, or you can get unlimited access
to all courses for one year with a Premium Subscription.

I also offer a line of handcrafted jewelry, pendulums, spirit boards, wands and incense.