I have been a student with Sage Goddess’ Holistic Healer program for quite awhile, and am proud to now be an advisor in her affiliate program! Classes are very informative, and cover deeper topics than just a Wicca 101. Not to mention, the classroom sets are to die for! If you decide to sign up for Holistic Healer through me, you can also get 20% off your first month with coupon code HEALER 😀

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Description from the Sage Goddess website:


This 12-month curriculum will teach you how to use crystals, gems, essential oils, herbs, ancient wisdom, and energetic tools in order to facilitate healing and wellness in your own life and in the lives of those around you. Whether you are an experienced massage therapist or Reiki master, or brand new to the entire realm of metaphysics, the year ahead promises to deepen your knowledge. Through this course, you’ll expand your awareness and develop the essential skills needed to transform your spiritual, emotional, and material life. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn directly from Athena in fun and empowering monthly sessions.

You’ll take part in a safe, communal classroom space where you can interact and engage with Athena and your peers, asking questions and sharing your wisdom. There are no prerequisites for this class. The monthly cost for this membership is $60, which gives you access to three courses: Gem WiseAroMagic, and Magical Sabbatical. You will also receive a standing 15% discount at SageGoddess.com. In addition, as elite class members, all Holistic Healers automatically qualify as Advisors within the Sage Goddess Affiliate Program, offering benefits like lifetime referral commissions, free monthly product kits and access to the brand-new Sage Goddess Educational Vault.


This is just a sample of one of the many kits available for our classes each month-all artwork is created at Sage Goddess headquarters, and available as an add-on (printed on canvas)

Magic of Sumeria Kit