Lilith Personal Spirit Board


This is a very elegant board featuring John Collier’s painting of Lilith on a multi-layered background containing Her symbol on the right, a Babylonian/Sumerian depiction of Lilitu on the left, and a prayer I’ve written for her in the background.  The spirit board lettering is in a textured gold (print).  The image is printed on heavy duty stock and affixed to the thick wooden board with a special adhesive.  Each is lovingly crafted by hand, from the sanding of the board down to the finish.  The working area measures approximately 7″ x 9.”  This, like all of my boards, can be special ordered in a larger size 🙂

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Spirit boards developed out of different practices that were used by Spiritualists in the 1800s to commune with the deceased. It grew out of different methods that include table tipping (using the knocking of a table to spell out words), and planchette writing (a form of automatic writing). These forms were both inconvenient for different reasons, and the Ouija was developed in 1886 by Elijah Bond, and is currently produced by Hasbro.

There is still a lot of unnecessary fear and superstition regarding spirit boards, today.  This actually has a strong tie to the Pope’s response to the rise of Spiritualism, stating that the spirits people were communicating with were actually demons, and this has taken on a life of its own, especially in Hollywood.  A spirit board is just a tool, like any other.  Not many people within the alternative spiritual community would agree that reading tarot opens you up to spiritual or demonic possession, but there are still people who believe just that.  If you are using a spirit board for conjuration, just know how to protect yourself and your space, and release the spirit when you are finished.  I personally use my pendulum board as a form of divination, similar to using Tarot. I do not call on spirits, but use the board as a way to access my own intuition in conjunction with my pendulum 🙂

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This listing is for the spirit board ONLY. Pendulums are sold separately 🙂


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