Many Changes Coming!

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Hello, my lovelies!

Summer has been a whirlwind of activity with the kidlets, and I’m looking forward to the wind-down once school starts in a couple of weeks.  Persephone is not even five months old,  and she’s starting to scoot EVERYWHERE!  Mainly, I just keep her on my bed, though, as she has a tendency to push with her legs while her face is on whatever flat surface she happens to be on.  This little girl is such a joy-just a very happy baby (as long as she’s getting attention!).  But I definitely forgot just how time consuming little ones could be.

Honestly, her smiles are the best distraction in the world 😀


There are going to be many changes to the website as I switch over to a more user friendly WordPress format.  I will start showcasing my handmade items here, instead of just featuring them on the Facebook page.  The main store section will be pared down quite a bit.  The sheer amount of items it contains now renders it far too time consuming to keep updated.  As it stands, there are  many items that are no longer available through the distributor, and it is a very tedious process to manually search each one, delete it, and then have to add in the new items on top of that.

In other news, I plan to have my ritual incense line available by the end of the month!  I’m very excited about this, and hope my coffee grinder is up to the challenge o.O  These incenses are going to be all natural herbal blends-they will contain absolutely no fillers or dyes of any kind.  I went to a shop in Salem, and was really taken aback by the heavily colored loose incense that they offered.  It’s just not my thing.

The month of September also promises to be crazy busy, as I prepare for a show on October 12 at the Witches Cotillion and Ball located in Marlborough, MA.  All good things 😀

Also coming up in October is a 6 week course on Palmistry!  This promises to be a fun class, and gives you a foundation in the art of chiromancy-the technical word for divining with the palm/hands.  It’s a really fun thing to do at Halloween parties, and it is amazing what can be gleaned from just the shape of the fingers alone!  Check out the Courses page to see prices (on a sliding scale basis) and to sign up for a Premium Subscriptionto access all of our classes for one year.  It is a huge savings, as each 6 week class starts at $75, while the subscription is $99 to gain access to all classes.

I am asking that you please be patient while these changes are occurring.  The website may be down intermittently as I move the WordPress site over, and add new inventory.

Thank you 😀

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