Triquetra Witches Rosary
A stunning and sparkly rosary necklace made with blue, green, and amethyst toned faceted beads, large lampworking beads that vary, silver toned triquetra and Swarovski crystal point.  This necklace was completely handmade, using traditional rosary making techniques.  This WILL NOT fall apart like a mass made rosary.  With any rosary using premade rosary bead chain, if you catch the necklace on something and a link becomes loose, it sets off a domino effect in which the entire necklace can fall into a whole bunch of pieces.  I know, because I used to wear them.  With the way I make my rosaries, if you happen to pull or catch it on something, in the event that a connection DOES let go, the rest of the necklace will be fine.
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whisper pink captured moonlight earrings day
Whisper Pink Captured Moonlight Glow in the Dark Earrings
As delicate as a whisper, the artisan crafted artisan crafted faux Faery "moonstone", Whisper Pink, is a shimmering opalescent array of pink and Aurora Borealis, the softest pink as gentle as a quiet whisper. Accented with pink Swarovski crystals, soft brass beads and a tiny brass flower charm with a delicate crystal center of sparkling pink. These delicate earrings are 2 1/4 inches in length excluding the dainty shell detailed lever back earring clasp.
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