Baphomet Personal Spirit Board


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Baphomet pendulum spirit board with Medieval depictions of Hell in the bottom corners over a multi-layered background. The base is distressed wood, with the image professionally printed on a heavy label for durability. The working area measures approximately 7″ x 9.”

Spirit boards developed out of different practices that were used by Spiritualists in the 1800s to commune with the deceased. It grew out of different practices that include table tipping (using the knocking of a table to spell out words), and planchette writing (a form of automatic writing). These forms were both inconvenient for different reasons, and the Ouija was developed in 1886.

Many people are afraid of these boards, and I have to say that the problem is not with the board itself. A spirit board is just a tool. The problem lies with inexperienced people calling spirits, inviting them into their homes, and not releasing them properly. Without release, they have basically opened up their home to become haunted. I personally use my pendulum board as a form of divination, similar to using Tarot. I do not call on spirits, but use the board as a way to access my own intuition in conjunction with my pendulum ­čÖé
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