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This is the “Nevermore” board and pendulum set. The pendulum board features the last verse from “The Raven,” by EA Poe, and comes with a gorgeous matching pendulum with onyx and jet beads that has a double sided pendant containing a raven on the front, and the last few lines from the poem on the back. The image is professionally printed on heavy duty paper, and attached with a special adhesive that doesn’t damage the image. The working area measures approximately 7″ x 9.” This board can be special ordered in a larger size.

If you would like something similar, or have your own idea, altogether for a board, please contact¬†me to see if I can help ūüôā

Dowsing, as we know it today, has been practiced at least since the 15th century, originating in Germany as a way to search for metal. ¬†Dowsing with a pendulum is thought to connect one with spirit, or the higher self, to receive answers to direct questions. ¬†The crystal is believed to focus energies from a Divine or spiritual source, which manifests as movements in the tool, itself. ¬†Strong swinging up and down or moving in a clockwise direction means “yes,” while swing left to right, or in a counter clockwise fashion means “no.” ¬†However, this is not always the case.

It is important to “charge” your pendulum before it’s first use. While holding the chain, allow it to¬†swing freely. ¬†Focus on the word “no,” and then the word “yes.” Take note of how it swings in response. These movements can vary from practitioner to practitioner, and even from pendulum to pendulum. “Charging” will enable you to know how this particular one¬†works with you.

Spirit boards developed out of different practices that were used by Spiritualists in the 1800s to commune with the deceased. It grew out of different practices that include table tipping (using the knocking of a table to spell out words), and planchette writing (a form of automatic writing). These forms were both inconvenient for different reasons, and the Ouija was developed in 1886.

Many people are afraid of these boards, and I have to say that the problem is not with the board itself. A spirit board is just a tool. The problem lies with inexperienced people calling spirits, inviting them into their homes, and not releasing them properly. Without release, they have basically opened up their home to become haunted. I personally use my pendulum board as a form of divination, similar to using Tarot. I do not call on spirits, but use the board as a way to access my own intuition in conjunction with my pendulum. ūüôā

All of my pendulums are handcrafted in my home, cleansed with sage, and charged in the moonlight. Many contain natural stone beads. I can do custom orders for many different kinds of stones/charms. Feel free to contact me regarding custom work ūüôā

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All items are sold as curios only.


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