Pagan Prayer Beads – Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearls


A stunning and elegant rosary necklace made with rose quartz and freshwater pearl beads, lovingly wire wrapped to ensure durability, and connected to a silver toned shell connector.  The only point where the pagan prayer beads will come apart is at the connector, which is a safety feature.  Unless cut, the likelihood of ANY of the beads coming undone is next to none!    This necklace is made with argentium coated sterling wire, to render it with a beautiful, highly tarnish resistant finish 🙂

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This necklace is full of symbolism. There are five sets of 8 beads to represent the Sabbats, with a large freshwater pearl bead placed between each set to represent the four seasons. This is connected to a pentagram, symbolizing the elements of earth, air, water, fire and spirit. From this hang 3 rose quartz beads, representing the 3 phases of the moon, which are flanked by two large beads to represent duality.

This is worn by pulling the necklace over the head (the chain is so long, no clasp is needed), with the beaded chain being roughly 28″ in circumference, with the part hanging down with the key measuring at about 7.” This is a large piece, and though I am short, if falls to just above my waist when worn.


How to Use Pagan Prayer Beads:

These can be used in a few different ways, either for spell work or as part of your daily practice.  In spell work, the beads can function as a way to keep you focused on your intent, or to utilize with chanting to help raise energy.  In a daily devotional practice, pagan prayer beads can be used in conjunction with affirmations, or your own prayers, modeled after the use of the Catholic Rosary.


*****Like the style, but want different colors or stones? Not a problem! I will be more than happy to work with you to custom design a piece just for you! Please keep in mind that the price of these pagan prayer beads is a base price, and depending on the cost of stones, or if you want to use sterling silver instead of a base metal, yours may end up costing more. I will give you a price BEFORE ordering materials so that you may make changes, if necessary. Just contact me to get started 🙂 Blessed be!*****

Additional information

Jeweler's Wire

Base metal

Argentium Sterling Silver

Sterling silver wire, coated with tarnish resistant Argentium


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